Basement Conversions

Basement conversions are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of LondonDerry Construction can make the space under your home just as appealing as what’s above! When space is at a premium, we can make the most of what you have by extending downwards and utilise the cellar or other underground structure to make it feel just as much part of your home as other areas.

We can even build a whole new space extending below your property or out beneath your garden. The possibilities are endless.

If you already have an existing underground or subterranean space, you could expand on that space and make it larger. Derry Construction can advise on how this can be done and help from the initial planning stages through to the actual construction of the space.

Basement Conversions are becoming increasingly popular as the demands living space increases. No longer is it necessary to have to move house to fulfill your space needs. They are particularly popular in large inner cities and districts of London such as Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster and Camden where often extending the rear or front of the property is not possible.

Your new space can be used for a variety of things including a Gym or Movie Theatre.

There’s no limit to what’s possible. If you need a second kitchen or bathroom in your basement conversion, we can advise on how that can be achieved.