Competitive Quotes

Unlike some, we never make unrealistic bids. Those who do only survive by making spurious claims during the contract. The ‘bid low and claim later’ mentality may win contracts but never makes for a trouble free project. We prefer our bids to be accurate and fair, properly pricing the specification to help towards delivering a project the client expects for the price we quote.

Our Service

  • Competitive Quotes and Tenders
  • Accurately Measured and Calculated
  • Price Specifications and Rates
  • Produced Bill of Quantities
  • Verfied Valuations and Claims
  • Variations Dealt Fairly and Promptly
  • Abide by our Health and Safety Policy and those of the Health and Safety Executive


I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased I have been with the quality and professional approach of Derry Construction over the last two years. I would gladly recommend Derry Construction for any building in the future.

Andrew Farr, Interior Architect

I am very proud to have been involved in, and recommend the work of Derry Construction Ltd as of the highest quality.

Andrew J Evans, Architect

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